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Many of the bathrooms were discovered in the Maghreb, which were influenced by the Andalusian architecture and construction. The building dates back to the reign of Yahya ibn Muhammad ibn Idris in the first half of the third century AH, when the baths and hotels were built for merchants. In the era of Joseph Ibn Tashfin founder of the state Almoravidin, as he entered the city of Fez, ordered the demolition of the walls that were separated between the cities, the enemy of the villagers, and the enemy of Andalusia and their city one, examined them and ordered the construction of mosques in the streets and alleys, and any alley did not find a mosque, He ordered the building of protection The data was the establishment of deferral baths of the priorities of this prince as associated with houses of worship because Almoravid state, was a religious state and thus is one of the most important Valtharh Islamic religion founded upon which.

Hammamet has been and continues to be an important means of cleanliness and purity and ease the pain of the body and the search for beauty also, and it represents the people of Morocco a place or forum where women meet to spend a pleasant moments. The most important benefits of the Moroccan bath are: Give the skin smoothness and attractive fragrance as well as complete serenity Works to preserve the vitality and freshness of the body. Helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Contributes to weight loss, excess water out of the body, and helps dissolve grease deposited on the joints. Promotes blood circulation and eliminates muscle and nervous fatigue.

Moulay Yaqoub Beauty Center welcomes you

Hama Moulay Yacoub is a world-renowned heat station in Moulay-Yaqoub province, Morocco. Hama Moulay Yacoub is located amidst a series of hills near the Rif Mountains range and is about 20 kilometers from the city of Fez. Hama Moulay Yacoub is considered the first modern hothouse in Morocco with international standards after a new medical and mineral plant was established in the late 1980s. It includes several modern facilities including swimming pools, dungeons, baths and halls for medical treatment. Some medical and laboratory analyzes conducted by Moroccan and foreign experts have shown that the water of Moulay Yacoub, which originates from a depth of about 1200 m from the ground and reaches a temperature of 54 degrees when exiting the surface, contains several chemical elements such as sulfur and salt and important physical properties of natural radioactivity It makes it very effective in the treatment of skin diseases and some types of rheumatism, and this is intended for the well-being of a large number of local and foreign people for treatment and relaxation, making its fame beyond local to global. Hence, we decided to name this beauty center in the name of this Moroccan teacher, and to provide you with distinguished services of high quality, based on our keenness to preserve this Moroccan heritage and offer it in our beloved country Qatar in a decent manner.

Special courses for brides

We start before the wedding a month or two as the bride chooses, to take care of the body and skin of Moroccan baths and skin whitening.

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Bath Bride Set

We offer you a special bath, which has special qualities and features that gives you special beauty on the day of the wedding, so we offer you four sessions

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Normal Bath

Vapor - Moroccan Televise with the following: Special herbs mix with Moroccan soap with olive oil. Henna body for ultra smoothness Mix of herbs (Aldad) Duration

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My Baby Bath

For your baby we offer a comfortable and fast private bath for more comfort and high cleanliness that removes the dead skin and moves the blood circulation in the body and includes the following:

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Whitening Body Bath

The most sought after bath and a uniform white color, soft silk, opens the blackness and removes it, noting the difference from the first session by 100%, which includes the following:

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Whitening Areas Bath

To unify the color and lighten the dark areas of the body and remove blackness (Neck - between the chest - the elbows - the knee - the toes)

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